Palo Mayombe Services

Who Am I and What services do I offer?

My name is Oscar. I was originally initiated into Palo in 1995 and currently reside in Miami, Florida. My lineage is Kimbisa con Mayombe Guanofilo con Mulenda Santo Cristo Buen Viaje which stems from Tata Roque Zamora from Parraga, Municipio de Arroyo Naranjo, Havana Cuba. My elders and teachers are Tata Manuel Kongo and Tata Nsasi Masongo Quimbisa. I am eternally thankful to them for their patience and generosity over the years.

As a Tata in the Quimbisa tradition my primary ethical responsibility is to work for the betterment of our society and lineage. If what you seek is to harm a person, enslave people or make zombies then please do not contact me. I do not do “magical” things that will make you win the lottery, have any lover you desire or find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow for that matter. I also do not sell prefabricated “blessed” nkisi, talismans, oils, incense, candles, statues etc. As previously mentioned in the article titled, “Palo: The Dark Side of Santería” the purpose of these traditions is to cure an “illness.” Illnesses can include loss of property, work, love and lack of success. In short, categories of illness and medicine in English and Kikongo overlap but do not coincide.[1]

That being said if you feel you are a victim of witchcraft, if you feel that your home or life is haunted, if you feel that there is a supernatural force that does not allow you to prosper, if you feel you are at a crossroad then I may be able to help. Also, if you feel like you have a serious call to our faith then feel free to contact me (

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