Bantú Cosmology and Palo class starts Thursday, February 7, 2013

layered-firmaEleda.Org Seminars Announces its Upcoming Class:

An Introduction to Bantú Cosmology
and the Rites of Palo
By Tata Nganga Oscar Guerrero

An important and groundbreaking course on the most often misunderstood of the Afro-Cuban religions

Beginning: Thursday, February 7, 2013
Time: 7:30 – 9 PM
Cost: $20 per class, payable in advance on a monthly basis
Duration: Approximately 4 months

This course will provide an understanding of the Bantú religious tradition, known among Afro-Cubans and the Cuban Diaspora as Palo Monte. It will begin by examining Bantú cosmology and religiosity. By gaining an understanding of the Bantús’ view of the Universe and their place in it, the course will afford the student with a deeper understanding of Palo as practiced by the Bantú and their descendants in Cuba.

The course will then turn its focus to Cuba and the historical development of Palo and the hurdles encountered on the island during the era of slavery and thereafter. Additionally, we will discuss the religion’s relationship with the other African religions that prevail in Cuba, as well as its interaction with the variants of Kardecian spiritism.
Finally, we shall analyze and examine the religion’s Cuban theological foundations, priesthood, rites and other important aspects.

The course will be open to anyone that may have interest in learning more about the Bantú-speaking people and their Diaspora. Additionally, it will be of great relevance and importance for those that are interested in pursuing initiation or greater familiarity with Palo. However, we stress that this will not be a “how to” or practical course, and will only complement the teachings that individuals can only gain after initiation.

For those that do not live in South Florida, the class may be accessed through Skype. We stress that Skype access and seating are both limited, so reserve rapidly.

Reserve, by clicking this link: Palo Seminar.

Afterward, you must post an initial $50.00, NON-REFUNDABLE deposit through Eleda.Org, using Google Wallet, to ensure your seat. Once the deposit is made, we will send you the course description and forms that you will need to sign and return to us along with the balance for the first month’s classes. This link will take you to Eleda.Org’s Seminars & Payments where you can post the deposit. Unfortunately, we will not guarantee any seat without a deposit.

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