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The Ancient Malongo Ceremony

The Ancient Malongo Ceremony by Ralph Alpizar Originally there was an initiation ceremony within the Mayombe and Biyumba branches known as the malongo ceremony. This was the first step for anyone interested in joining a “house” or Munanso. Oftentimes, this was the […]

The Winds of Lent

photo courtesy of I took a walk and couldn’t help but notice the almasigo and ceiba trees have begun to sprout new leaves and ducks have their nests full of eggs. Over the years the more connected I become […]

Kinfuiti Celebration – La Fiesta Kinfuiti has featured an interesting story on the Kinfuiti Celebration in Cuba along with many pictures. To read this in English please visit this link:   Para leer este articulo en Español por favor visite este enlace: […]

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