Palo Mayombe: African Origins NEW Course Available on UDEMY!

In this course you will better understand how the events and people in Africa shaped what would later become the religion of Palo Mayombe in Cuba. This course is made up of seven lectures that are meant to easily explain the origins of the Palo Mayombe Religion as well as introduce you to the different denominations of Palo that exist today. You will also gain a better understanding of Palo Mayombe’s relaionship with other religions including Catholicism and other African religions.

Oftentimes confused with Voodoo and Santeria, Palo Mayombe is a religion that hails from the people who were known as “Congos” in Cuba. These people weren’t just those that come from the present day Democratic Republic of the Congo but from a much broader area. They believed in much more than magic, this is a story of politics and intrigue that includes triumph, deceit, war and much more.